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  • Parkinson's Awareness Week - My Story
    Parkinson's Awareness Week - My Story There are lots of ways I could describe my dad. He's kind, generous, loving, fun, wise, handsome.... and he has Parkinson's. This disease is not a friend of ours, in fact we hate it. This disease is stealing my dad away from me and that makes me feel very angry…
  • Singin' in the Rain!
    Singin' in the Rain! Contrary to popular belief despite spending my days talking about the weather I don't actually create it! Yes people really do write angry letters to me complaining about the sun, rain, lack of snow, you name it. Today though I had the power! I was set free from the studio…
  • Yoga...with a twist!
    Yoga...with a twist! After 15 years of yogaing i've just had a refreshing new experience off my mat that has revitalised everything I do on it - Ariel Yoga. I swapped my usual lazy Sunday afternoon to hang upside down with my guru, the man who inspired me, changed my life and taught…


It's been a busy morning so far, got up at 4.30am and did a beautiful yoga practice before my class this morning. I know it seems mad but it sets me up for a great day and reminds me to stop chasing the future and live in the moment! Enjoy today whatever you are up to Xx #stronghappyyou
Never Forget! #barrygarlow 😬
Feeling blissed out after a beautiful day with my favourite man 💗
With Parkinson's Awareness Week days away I've written a personal account of how this nasty disease has rocked my family's world but how we are fighting it! Visit and help spread the word about @parkinsonsUK #incontrol x
Take time to prepare for your day. A few deep breaths every morning. Easy!  #sankalpa #stronghappyyou
Bit of kundalini to start the day #stronghappyyou
Ditch shoulder stress the yoga way #stronghappyyou

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