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  • Strike a Pose (there's nothing to it)
    Strike a Pose (there's nothing to it) I've been fairly quiet on the blog front for a while. Life got a little busy. There's been lots of change in my world and I've been busy adapting and learning to go with the flow! Inbetween all the craziness I've been working on developing my classes and I am…
  • How can laying down really be yoga?!
    How can laying down really be yoga?! At the end of every session in yoga I teach and practice what’s called Savasana or Corpse Pose as it’s also known. Despite it’s sinister name ironically this posture makes you feel very much alive and well. In Corpse you lie flat on your back, legs slightly apart, feet falling…
  • Bandha what??!!
    Bandha what??!! I’ve got a confession to make. For my first 2 years of practicing yoga I had no idea what a bandha was. ‘Engage your bandhas!’ it was bandha’d around throughout every session and I thought it was some hippy rubbish that I didn’t need to understand. Wrong wrong wrong!!! One…


Here we go, he never fails to come and lounge on my mat when I'm yogaing 💗
Dug out one of my favourite Iyengar yoga books from when I was training to be a teacher. I learned so much from Iyengar and still use his books to help create amazing classes! 🙏 #ripiyengar
I'm loving this 💗 #holidaymemories
A few reasons to view the world from upside down! #stronghappyyou #lucykiteyoga
It's all about the shutters #sof x
Nice Nice flowers from my very lovely man! #holidays
I'm looking over the South of France for my yoga this morning. It's SO beautiful xx

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LUCYITV Anyone think @SteveClampITV was a bit cruel?! He poured that icy water over me VERY slowly!!!
LUCYITV Interviewing Nutritionist @MelWakeman2 on @ITVCentral tonight. How many sweet treats should you have a week?!! Find out at 6 @SteveClampITV
LUCYITV @tejinderITV @SteveClampITV @ITVCentral thank you Tej. I have just finished a little yoga sesh in the dressing room!!
LUCYITV RT @tejinderITV: @SteveClampITV @ITVCentral @LUCYITV She's had a VERY busy morning working away on tonight's programme, I assure you ! 😄 #o