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  • Normal yoga timetable resumes this weekend
    Normal yoga timetable resumes this weekend   Following the Easter break, too much chocolate and some wonderful classes from Claire Stapley (thank you very much Claire!) i'm back this Saturday at Breaston Scout Hut at 9.30am with Relax and 10.45am with Energise.As always we'll be working on creating lots of physical and emotional space. Cleaning out…
  • Can Real Men Do Yoga?!
    Can Real Men Do Yoga?! Apart from ‘I can’t touch my toes, can I still do yoga?’ the number one question I get asked from yoga newbies is ‘can men do yoga?’ - the answer by the way is a resounding YES! YES! YES! This question always makes me chuckle but it is a fair…
  • Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep
    Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep Sometimes it's an issue at work, concern about a family member or something you forgot off your shopping list! As we all know thoughts can be our worst enemy when it comes to bedtime. The problem is it's a vicious circle, you know constant thoughts aren't good but when you…


Back teaching Relax and Energise in Derbyshire today. Just warming up with an spine lengthener and bend ✌️🙏 #stronghappyyou #lucykiteyoga #stralaeverywhere
It's touch your toes time. Good morning! #stronghappyyou #lucykiteyoga #stralaeverywhere
Within the morning chaos I got some yoga in (sort of!)
#stronghappyyou #yoga #lucykiteyoga
It seems like everywhere you turn there is stress 😤 with life busier than ever before. There is so much pressure to achieve and cram as much as possible into everyday. I made the decision a long time ago that the only person who could press pause on my own life is myself, so I make a commitment everyday to get on my mat and yoga. Sometimes I have to get up at 5 just to fit it in and it's the last thing I want to do. But it's worth it. I makes me feel focussed, ready and relaxed. My other ways to unwind used to involve a glass of red or a strong fresh coffee but I've ditched both now 😳 so yoga has become even more important! So that's my 'thing' what's yours?! #stronghappyyou
Here's a good upper body strengthener and head focusser (especially on uneven ground outdoors!) in downdog legs press your forearms down and interlace your fingers. Lift your head over your hands to touch the ground ahead of you and back x3. Then either stay put or have a play with headstand (use a wall if new to it) baby walk your feet a little closer to your face then lift one leg then the other. Don't kick, have control.  Make sure your forearms and not your neck take the weight. Engage your navel. Breath. Smile! #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #lucykiteyoga #yoga #lucyyoga
You only need 5 minutes it doesn't have to be a big deal ✌️🙏😬 #lucykiteyoga #lucyyoga #meditation #inspiration
#stronghappyyou #regram @thesecret365
A nice Monday morning vinyasa flow. Just move how it feels good...with ease then let that feeling roll off your mat into the Monday Madness! #yoga #lucykiteyoga #stralaeverywhere #stronghappyyou

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