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    NEW CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT! Now there is more chance to get your yoga fix with an extra class each and every Saturday. Join us at 1045 for an invigorating flow class that will leave you refreshed, relaxed and ready for the weekend. This is how the new timetable shapes up: THURSDAY: Springfield Hall, Sandiacre…
  • #SHY2015
    #SHY2015 My yoga mantra Strong Happy You came about years ago as I would use the words all the time when leading my classes. 'This pose will make you mentally and physically strong' / 'you'll leave here feeling so happy and ready for anything that life throws at you' / 'always…
  • 2015 Yoga Kickstarter
    2015 Yoga Kickstarter So what's your new year resolution?! Maybe to be kinder to yourself and make self-care a priority? Well one way of doing that is to practice more yoga. Of course I would say that, but tried and tested it really works! A daily yoga practice, even for 10 minutes a…


#regram @liv_conroy thanks for making my rubbish blackboard writing look like art! 2 hours of yoga!!!! Thank you for staying for both sessions ✌️😘🙏💗 #niece #stronghappyYOU #stralaeverywhere
It's snowing!
It's fair to say at Lucy Kite Yoga we never EVER take ourselves seriously! Come and wiggle it tomorrow morning at 10! (Springfield Hall Sandiacre) #stronghappyYOU
Getting the @missnhilton treatment 👍💇
Just taught a new yogi a one and one sesh and I was talking through the benefits of having yoga in your life. I thought this just about summed it up as for me it guides me through the rollercoaster of life always bringing me back to where I need to be! 🙏 #lucykiteyoga #stronghappyYOU #SHY2015 #stralaeverywhere
Always!!! Finished teaching for today had a busy morning of Relax and Energise classes 9.30 & 10.45 each and every Saturday if you ever want to turn your back on your busy life and get some YOU time ✌️🙏 #lucykiteyoga #stronghappyYOU #SHY2015 #stralaeverywhere
I'm a bit in love with our chandelier look at the pretty patterns it makes on the wall 💗💗💗 #bling
Snow watch.  Sometimes I even look out of the window 👍 #itv #itvcentral

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LUCYITV Derbyshire looking beautiful in the snow! @ITVCentral
LUCYITV The snow is coming down heavily in Derbyshire @ITVCentral
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