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  • Can Real Men Do Yoga?!
    Can Real Men Do Yoga?! Apart from ‘I can’t touch my toes, can I still do yoga?’ the number one question I get asked from yoga newbies is ‘can men do yoga?’ - the answer by the way is a resounding YES! YES! YES! This question always makes me chuckle but it is a fair…
  • Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep
    Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep Sometimes it's an issue at work, concern about a family member or something you forgot off your shopping list! As we all know thoughts can be our worst enemy when it comes to bedtime. The problem is it's a vicious circle, you know constant thoughts aren't good but when you…
  • Lucy Kite Yoga: Half Term Timetable
    Lucy Kite Yoga: Half Term Timetable There are a few changes to tell you about over the next couple of weeks as I am off on holiday! Tomorrow's classes remain the same and I have the lovely Claire Stapley covering my class on Saturday 14th. Claire's a beautiful teacher, you should definitely give a session a…


Work in progress on my new spring relax playlist! Playlists change every season any suggestions for energise send them my way! 🙏✌️
The flick!
Makeup lessons today! Smoking up the eyes!
Good morning! A simple hip opening, spine lengthening, set you up for a great Tuesday yoga sequence. Keep it easy, linger where it's nice to linger 💗🙏 #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #lucykiteyoga
I've just written a blog about the question I get asked the most from men!...and it might not be what you think. Visit to find out more #stronghappyyou
Saturday Sun Salutation 🙏 @wellicious
And here are my early morning yogis from my relax class 🙏✌️😊💗
Yum indeed! Gluten free, vegetable cakes from one of my yogi crew, @louise.millet so now I can have my cake and eat it! Healthy cakes! Love this!! 💗

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LUCYITV Me & @staceyitv in our element! Makeup masterclass with @heathermakeup @mattteale I even have Teale eyeliner!!
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LUCYITV @cliffordh @ITVCentral it's denim by @LaDress !
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