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  • Class Changes: The Latest Timetable
    Class Changes: The Latest Timetable MARCH/APRIL TIMETABLE:  THURSDAY 26TH MARCH - Springfield Hall - NO CLASS SATURDAY 28TH MARCH - Breaston Scout Hut - 9.30am RELAX CLASS ONLY (With Claire) THURSDAY 2ND APRIL - Springfield hall - NO CLASS SATURDAY 4TH APRIL - Breaston Scout Hut - NO CLASSES THURSDAY 9TH APRIL - Springfield Hall…
  • Can Real Men Do Yoga?!
    Can Real Men Do Yoga?! Apart from ‘I can’t touch my toes, can I still do yoga?’ the number one question I get asked from yoga newbies is ‘can men do yoga?’ - the answer by the way is a resounding YES! YES! YES! This question always makes me chuckle but it is a fair…
  • Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep
    Beditation - Yoga Cures For a Good Sleep Sometimes it's an issue at work, concern about a family member or something you forgot off your shopping list! As we all know thoughts can be our worst enemy when it comes to bedtime. The problem is it's a vicious circle, you know constant thoughts aren't good but when you…


Yoga on the sand is the best, sending you off balance but know it's ok if you lose it! #splat @edenrocmb #miamibeach #yoga #yogawithlucy #lucykiteyoga #strala #stralaeverywhere
Today I'm taking a big gulp of Miami life @edenrocmb #stronghappyyou #miamibeach #selfie #beachlife
If you're anything like me you have a default setting of feeling guilty unless you are rushing around looking after everyone else. For a few minutes a day though I stop, look inwards, listen to what my body is telling me. It always makes me feel better, more able to cope with whatever craziness is thrown my way. (I am writing this whilst a 2 year old tickles my face!) #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #lucykiteyoga #lucyyoga #inspirationalquotes
Feeling stressed? Forward Bend. Keep your knees soft if you're tight in hamstrings or lower back. Breathe easy, float around. #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #yoga #lucyyoga #lucykiteyoga
It's hotting up in Miami!
It's a beautiful morning so I came outside to yoga and a bit of handstand backbend to headstand practice. More needed 👍✌️🙏💗 have a good day #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #strala #lucyyoga #lucykiteyoga
Take a deep breath and feel better 👍 #breakbadhabits #yoga #inspirationalquotes #lucykiteyoga #lucyyoga #stronghappyyou
Sometimes the change of season can play havoc with your mood. If you need uplifting try this. Remember to breath deeply and stay soft in your joints! #stronghappyyou #stralaeverywhere #lucykiteyoga #strala #yoga

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