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  • How to stay sane this Christmas. Bring on the Yoga!
    How to stay sane this Christmas. Bring on the Yoga! Tis the season to be jolly...and stressed, bloated, hungover and frazzled! For many of us staying merry and bright for the whole of Christmas can be a challenge so I'm prescribing some yoga remedies to help. These are my top 4 postures to keep your beautiful self glowing and healthy.…
  • Come and try Strala Yoga!
    Come and try Strala Yoga! I've fulfilled a dream of mine this week, stepping up my yoga teaching to become a Strala Guide! I've been yogaing for 15 or so years now and teaching for 4 so have been learning lots about this magical practice during that time, but this experience has taken things to…
  • How To Headstand! (and why you should)
    How To Headstand! (and why you should) It's the king of the yoga postures (with amazing benefits!) but headstand (Shirshasana) can seem impossible to get into....until you know how! First things first, engage Uddiyana Banda, what??!! AKA Squeeze the muscles in your navel. this will give you strength not just in headstand but in many other challenging postures and…


My top 4 yoga remedies to keep you sane this Christmas! Head to 🙏
I'm not the only kitty kite in our house to love diamonds!
Somewhere in there is a cat 😍
Rockin yoga style around the Christmas tree x
Santa baby 💗
Bliss!!! Having some reflexology with Vanessa!
Today's yoga is very cosy 💗💗
#regram @yogainspiration 💗💗💗

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