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  • How To Headstand! (and why you should)
    How To Headstand! (and why you should) It's the king of the yoga postures (with amazing benefits!) but headstand (Shirshasana) can seem impossible to get into....until you know how! First things first, engage Uddiyana Banda, what??!! AKA Squeeze the muscles in your navel. this will give you strength not just in headstand but in many other challenging postures and…
  • 4 Things To Do This Week
    4 Things To Do This Week 4 Things To Do This Week SMELL THE ROSES When your to do list is never ending it can be hard to notice the simple things but appreciating the sun breaking through the clouds or the changing colour of the autumn leaves can really make a difference. Rather than focussing…
  • Meditation Made Easy!
    Meditation Made Easy! If you'd like to meditate but don't know where to start or perhaps struggle to concentrate this is a great one to try! I've been meditating for years and still use this most days to set me up for a good day. It's something I got from the amazing Spirit…


Can you spot me? Where's Wally?!!!! #Stralatraining #stronghappyYOU
With the amazing @tarastiles learning all things Strala!! Can't wait to bring my new found yoga skills back home!! #stronghappyYOU
Can't wait for this week 😍 I'm yoga teacher training with the best in the business & my inspiration, Strala's @tarastiles & meeting up with the stylish @wellicious team! Can't wait to bring lots of new ideas to my Midlands yogis xxx
Saturday morning recharge ✌️
Making some lucky charms for my yogis! 💗💗💗
Taking over auntie LuLu's phone
Saturday morning MOT 🙏✌️
Something in this picture might well be your Christmas dinner 😋 @colinashby

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