This is all about developing a lifestyle that makes you feel happy and well, it’s about being the best version of you every day.  Lucy was burning the candle at both ends, working long hours in TV and staying out too late partying when she went to her first class 20 years ago. It made her feel magical, balanced, ready for anything. The feeling was addictive and she kept going back for more and more.

She soon qualified as a teacher with a mission to break down the stuffy image of yoga and make it fun and open to everyone. She mixes her TV and Journalism career with yoga to do just that. She’s a regular writer for Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine and has a series of popular online yoga sessions and plans to film many more over the coming months..

Lucy has trained with some of the most influential teachers in the world including Tara Stiles from Strala Yoga who has really inspired Lucy’s yoga style.

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Lucy Kite Yoga Classes


My Saturday morning yoga with Lucy Kite is a fixed part of my life that I would never want to do without . It is a bonus that I get to do it with my daughter too . I love the fact that all ages and abilities attend Lucy’s class . Above all it is Lucy’s absolute passion and genuine love of yoga herself that shines through and make the sessions so relaxed , enjoyable and FUN! Very grateful to have found Lucy Kite Yoga Sessions – Vanessa
“When I first came to yoga I was stressed running my business, not sleeping well and trying unsuccessfully for a baby. Lucy’s yoga reminded me to find the time to be kind to myself. Several years after that first class yoga is a big part of my lifestyle. I still run a business but now manage stress well and my sleepless nights are now only down to my beautiful baby boy and not my state of mind or body! – Hannah