Life is busy, sometimes you just can’t get to a class but don’t stress! Now you can yoga wherever you are! Simply download a session that suits you at a time at suits you. You can even wear your pyjamas we won’t tell a soul, promise! Enjoy.

Click on each video for a short preview or click ‘Rent’ to proceed to Vimeo to purchase.

Morning Yoga

Duration: 12 Minutes / Rent: £2

A soft, gentle yoga sequence that will energise and focus your mind for a wonderful day ahead!

Bedtime Yoga

Duration: 9 minutes 34 seconds / Rent: £2

A soft, gentle sequence to unwind from a busy day and prepare for some serious beauty sleep. Move slowly and enjoy the moment.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Yoga

Duration: 12 minutes / Rent: £2

 Relax Flow

Duration: 46 minutes / Rent: £3.00


Duration: 6 minutes 18 seconds / Rent £2.00
A beautiful meditation at bedtime for a good nights sleep. Relax your entire body and de-clutter your mind. Put on your pj’s and let’s get started!

 Zap Anxiety

 Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds / Rent £2.00
A simple and short meditation to rid yourself of stress and anxiety. Just follow my words and enjoy the feeling.

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