Downward Dog



Lengthens spine
Eases back pain
Stretches tight hamstrings
Gives the face a glow




Improves posture
Stretches front of body
Strengthens back muscles




Maintains a youthful spine
Eases tension in back and neck
Massages abdominal organs



Builds flexibility in the spine
Stretches the chest
Relieves stress

For years yoga has been wrapped in a mystical blanket and become a little bit pretentious but Lucy’s idea of yoga is quite the opposite. Come to one of her sessions and you’ll develop a yoga lifestyle that is easy-going, straight forward and fun.

The old belief that it’s a good idea to stress yourself out by burning through discomfort has been replaced by soft movement that allows stress to leave your body and mind. What’s more everything you do on the mat will overflow in your life and be really useful.  You’ll find yourself handling challenges in an easy-going way, your body and mind will become more youthful, you’ll sleep better, smile more and generally have a spring in your step.

Never before have we needed yoga so much!  Yoga is officially mainstream, and it’s relevant to our lives right now so come and join us!



Inspired by Strala Yoga this is an easy going class that still gets you warm and moving. We work through a series of flowing sequences to release tension from your body and mind. We end with a short meditation. You will feel refreshed on the inside and glowing on the outside. Relax Flow is slightly more challenging than the Nourish session, with more standing sequences.


Nourish is an hour of restorative yoga poses. Perfect if you’re recovering from an injury, just want a slower deeper session or if you’re pregnant. All the poses are ideal for the 2nd trimester onwards. In this session we’ll work slowly and steadily through a series of postures to massage and stretch your muscles and organs and increase blood flow. This is yoga therapy at it’s best giving your body a deep cleanse as we gently squeeze out all the tension.

The session will end with a longer meditation of 15 minutes. You will leave feeling serene and a few inches taller.

The Nourish session compliments the 9.30am Relax class which is focussed more on vinyasa, or flow sequences with a short meditation. This gives you the option of choosing to do both sessions should you wish for an even more wonderful yoga experience.

If you are pregnant I would suggest just practicing the Nourish session.


Want to say hi or ask a question? Check the FAQ’s below first, if you can’t find your answer email

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Can men come to the yoga classes?

Yes! Yoga is for everyone, so please come along. Don’t worry it’s not all women there are lots of other guys who come too!

Do I need to book for yoga?

No just roll up, try and arrive 15 minutes before to get a spot.

What should I wear?

– Something comfortable and easy to move in. Leggings, jogger bottoms and shorts all work well. We don’t wear shoes or socks in yoga so that’s one less thing to think about!

I can’t touch my toes, can I still do yoga?

Of course, you need to come more than anyone! Flexibility appears in time. We’re not trying to become circus performers just working with what you’ve got is enough.

– I am pregnant, can I join your classes? 

Absolutely, although I am not teaching a specific pregnancy session at the moment, my Nourish sessions are perfect for pregnancy. I am trained in pregnancy yoga and believe it’s best to take it easy for the 1st trimester as implantation takes place. However from the 2nd trimester Nourish will be perfect for you. The postures opening and nourishing and a great way to connect with your growing baby and prepare for the labour and motherhood! If you remember bring 2 pillows and a blanket for extra comfort and support in meditation.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Yes please bring your own mat. I always have a few spares if you forget but trust me we get very close to the mat and you will definitely want your own and not a second hand one!


“Having been through operations on both knees, plus serious surgery to my spine and shoulder, the sessions have been fantastic in getting me fit again plus the relaxation has made life much less stressful, helped with my Tinnitus (and I can “chill out” in the dentist’s chair!) – Paul
I have great respect for Lucy. She is a great communicator, believes in and is dedicated to what she teaches, and the sessions are non-competitive so that they work for complete beginners as well as the experienced – Nik


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