In a an hour long private yoga session Lucy will guide you through a bespoke programme of postures that you can practice at home. This is particularly good if you are recovering from illness or injury or are new to yoga and want to prepare for the group sessions.

1 hour – £50

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Lucy Kite Yoga Classes


I enjoy coming to Lucy’s yoga classes because it gives me a positive sense of physical and mental wellbeing. I also like Lucy’s approach as a Yoga teacher as she is very friendly, puts class members at ease, is positive and ensures we get the most out of her classes without comparing ourselves to others. I miss it when I’m not able to attend – Helen
I’ve been going to Lucy’s yoga classes for about a year and a half now and it’s made such a difference to how I feel. I feel more relaxed and have more self esteem. When I go to a class it’s like a detox if all the bad mental stuff that’s sometimes in my head. It just leaves me feeling more focused but carefree at the same time so I can deal with life much better. Thank you Lucy Kite Yoga xx – Angie

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